Springtime Tips To Attract More Real Estate Clients

*from Delta Media Group

When the sun starts shining and the flowers start blooming, you know that the busiest time of the year for real estate agents is here. There’s so much to do during selling season, and it may feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you need to get done. But that doesn’t mean you should focus only on current business during selling season because this is also a great time to bring new, long-term clients aboard while so many are looking to buy and sell homes. Our team is here to help with marketing tips that will help you add new real estate clients during the spring season.

Extra Open Houses
Spring and summer are the ideal seasons for staging open houses, which allow you to both market the homes you’re currently selling and come into contact with loads of potential clients. Be sure to notify clients ahead of time through your website and social media pages, as well as your traditional marketing. Make it easier for clients to show up by scheduling two times for each showing, and always have marketing materials on hand so that they remember who you are when they move on to the next open house.

Set the Stage & Consider Curb Appeal
While every client is unique, they all want an agent who can help get their home sold. Learning how to stage homes for the season is a great way to show clients that you care about the little details, and will also go a long way toward helping your open houses shine. Indoors, focus on clearing clutter, letting in natural light, placing fresh flowers, and staging rooms. It’s also important to consider curb appeal outdoors, by trimming trees/shrubs, keeping the lawn cut, cleaning patios, applying a fresh coat of paint where needed, and adding colorful landscaping for the spring season.

Get Social to Increase Awareness
Your social media pages are an excellent place to show off all the hard work that you’re doing for clients during selling season, and share your expertise so that new clients can see what you have to offer. Make it a point to log into your social pages regularly, share new content, engage your audience, and begin building relationships. This is also a great time to share attractive real estate photos, which draws attention to your business and gives new clients an idea of what you have to offer. Even 15 or 30 minutes a day spent on your social media pages can add up to make a big difference over time.

Springtime Real Estate Content
You’ll have a much easier time earning new clients in the spring through social media if you take the time to produce great real estate content. Spring is a fantastic time for content creation because there are so many topics to cover that matter to your audience. Your content can include spring maintenance tips, home improvement ideas, buyer/seller advice for the spring market, and anything else that you think will capture the attention of your audience. Your springtime real estate content will draw more eyes to your website, and provide you with plenty of great stuff to share on your real estate social media pages.

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