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309MLS.com and the 309MLS Magazine are ONE!

In January 2019, we launched our brand new 309MLS Magazine. This magazine is offered in both print and digital formats. The magazine also ties to http://www.309mls.com. 

It’s All About The Leads!

The 309MLS Magazine also has a flip side. When you flip it over, you will find the Commercial Real Estate Journal, advertising commercial property all over Central Illinois.

The online versions of the 309MLS Magazine and the Commercial Real Estate Journal is sponsored on both Facebook and Instagram with demographics to target people in your area that are most likely to buy or sell a home or property. This will show up in their news feed. What does this mean for you? When you advertise with us you not only get all of the print views, but you also get online hits with the demographics included, plus you can use your ad wherever else you would like for maximum exposure!

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