Promotional Advertising

No listings yet? No problem, the 309MLS Magazine also offers Promotional Advertising and at a discounted rate.* Think of it as a mini billboard!

We continue to focus on ways to get you noticed by supporting your professional success. Getting a listing is competitive so we want you to get as much of the maximum exposure as possible to potential buyers and sellers. Our Promotional Ads are designed and ready to go at a moment’s notice when we have the occasional unsold space in the 309MLS Magazine.**

Ideas for Promotional Advertising:

  • How many solds in your career
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Market your knowledge of the area
  • Share client testimonials
  • Company history
  • I’m a new REALTOR®
  • and more

Contact us today for more in depth details and to get you started with a Discounted Promotional Advertising Agreement.

*The discounted rate is only applied with a signed agreement with the PAAR Marketing Center.
**This also can be used as real estate farming postcards.

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