5 Reasons Print Advertising Works

*Taken from LinkedIn article by Sabline Carbaugh

Advertising is nothing new. However, as the years go on, more and more techniques are surfacing while others are being thrown aside.

The Internet is Not the Only Place to Advertise

Print Advertising is still a viable way to diversify your ad campaign. Print advertising in particular used to be the go-to technique for advertising. Nowadays though, companies worry that consumers are no longer looking in the places that these advertisements are placed. For example, advertising in a newspaper was once incredibly popular, but lately customers are often reading their newspapers online or on their phone so companies look to online advertising once again. However, companies shouldn’t ditch Print Advertising; there are compelling reasons that Print Advertising still works:

  • Direct mail has the highest rate of success in new customer acquisition at 34% compared with other marketing channels
  • On average, an investment of $1 in direct marketing ad expenditures is predicted to return, on average, $12.18 in incremental revenue across all industries
  • Direct Marketing produced $2.05 trillion in sales in 2012 – representing roughly 8.7% of the US GDP
  • 79% of consumers will act on direct mail ads immediately compared to only 45% who say they deal with email ad campaigns straightaway
  • Direct mail ads still reign supreme, offering response rates of 1.1 to 1.4% versus 0.03% for email, 0.04% for Internet display ads, and 0.22% for paid search

(CMO Council)

  1. Print ads have a larger impact on the consumer.

    Print ads are likely to stick with a reader. There was once a study at Penn State that tested a person’s memory of online and print ads. At the end of the test, it had become apparent that print ads stuck with the consumer easier and they were able to recollect those ads much better.

  2. Print advertising can target certain audiences more.

    With print advertising, businesses can choose exactly where they would like their ad placed. Demographic breakdowns for locally owned business can be a great example of this. They go even farther to help businesses target the right people by targeting specific cities and incomes. They also target specific home ages to best suit the business that they are advertising.

  3. An additional form of advertising is incredibly beneficial.

    A lot of companies have completely ditched the use of any marketing that isn’t online. They view online marketing as cheaper, easier, and more likely to get results. However, even if your opinion sways in the favor of either print advertising or online advertising, using both is much more effective. Print advertising is definitely not dead and viewing it in that way is likely to cause your business to miss out on some important customers.

  4. There are actually people who don’t use the internet.

    Yeah I know it’s kind of crazy to think about it nowadays, but it is true. There are people who couldn’t care less about using the internet and those people should not be forgotten. If these people are completely disregarded just for the sake that online advertising is easier, then business could miss out on many potential customers.

  5. It’s tangible, thus more trustable.

    The internet is flooded with fake advertisements that can lead you to getting a virus or having some dirty pop-ups cover your screen. The latter of which is an incredibly awkward thing, especially if your significant other walks into the room at just the right time and you are found with the pages opened up all over the place. Print advertising can’t even do any of this, thus people don’t view them as scams like they do a lot of internet ads. On top of this, the internet is still viewed in a cautious light and print ads have been around forever and people have no reason to mistrust them.

Print Is Not Dead

As you can see, there are many reasons print is still a viable option as a part of your advertising campaign. Print will work synergistically with your online and other advertising methods to produce valuable results for your company. Remember advertising is all about experimentation; and for an experiment to yield good results you need to use many variables; discover for yourself how print advertising can benefit you.