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Why is social media such a powerful real estate marketing tool? Start with demographics. Real estate shoppers from every generation rely on social media, and for the large, ever-growing Millennial generation social media is simply a natural part of life. Millennials make up the largest generation of home buyers, so agents everywhere are working to connect with the Millennial generation through social media and other tech-friendly tools. Our team has the details on why social is so important, how to avoid being “anti-social,” and how to build a social media presence that resonates with the largest modern real estate demographic.

Why Your Real Estate Business Needs a Social Media Presence

Millennial shoppers love doing research online before making any major purchases, and that extends to researching the right real estate agent to help them buy a home. However, when it comes to finding a real estate agent, Millennial shoppers also strongly value the security that comes with first-hand knowledge of that agent. The relationship-building process is a huge factor in converting Millennial prospects, and social media—when done right—is the perfect platform for building those relationships.

  • While many agents already realize the power of social media, larger brokerages haven’t always embraced social with the same enthusiasm. That might mean no social presence at all or a simple, token social presence without an expert at the helm.
  • So being “anti-social” might mean passing on the benefits of social media altogether, but it can also mean using social platforms in a way that doesn’t help you connect with Millennials or other members of your target audience.
  • Mobile marketing is so important for reaching the modern real estate audience, and social is by far one of the most effective mobile marketing tools. You want people to be able to connect with your business, no matter where they are or what they’re doing.

Building a basic social presence is a great start to embracing the benefits of social media marketing, but it takes more than a shiny, new social page to truly be Millennial-Social:

  • It takes persistence! The biggest benefits of your social presence are realized over time, and finding the right voice for your business isn’t an overnight process.
  • However, expertise goes a long way. If you don’t have a social-savvy marketer on staff who can handle the daily social tasks, working with an experienced outside marketing team is a great way to become Millennial-Social.
  • That expertise will be used, in part, to engage with your real estate audience on a regular basis. That means answering questions, responding to comments, and looking for opportunities to connect with the people who visit your page.
  • If you want to give people something to talk about on your social pages, you’ll need to post more than just pretty listings. Your real estate content, from your blog, website, and other social sources, is key to keeping your audience coming back for more.

When you add up all the basics, being Millennial-Social comes down to action, engagement, and building relationships. Invest the necessary time in social each day, post fresh content, answer questions and look for every opportunity to connect with your audience. Given the popularity of the platform, doing social media right will help you connect with Millennials, and home buyers from every generation.

9 Social Media Best Practices for Real Estate Agents


The age of social media is upon us. Its adoption is a cultural phenomenon. In 2019, it is estimated that there will be 2.77 billion social media users around the globe.

Real estate agents who want to be successful today will not only need to leverage social media to meet the needs of buyers and sellers going forward, but also need to be very wise about creating and delivering relevant content for effective marketing and engagement.

It’s easy and cost-effective enough to open a social media account and be up and running quickly, but you’ll want to take in these 9 Social Media Best Practices to effectively send the right message to the right people at the right time.

1. Quality Content
Studies show consumers receive up to 10,000 brand messages each day! Your audience has a lot of options to spend their time on. Make sure to stand out from the crowd by delivering high-quality content that is compelling, interesting, and relevant. Find out what your audience likes by offering several kinds of content for them to choose from. Offer a mix of industry news, trends, polls, videos, local interest, even editorial (your own opinions and viewpoints). You can curate news you find yourself, or you can partner with service providers, (like the PAAR Marketing Center!) that produce real estate-focused and lifestyle articles you can use. Often, these services can post professionally-written content to your social media accounts automatically, providing a “set it and forget it,” hassle-free experience.

2. Frequency
It’s a numbers game. Shorter, more frequent messages are needed in today’s always-on world. Aim to publish a steady stream of usable information for your followers and create a plan to provide consistent news and updates. Statistics show that posting
frequently drives engagement. How frequent? Most experts recommend posting a minimum of several times a week, with many suggesting engaging on a daily basis. If you’re new to social media, make a habit of browsing the feeds of those you are
following each day and repost, like, or comment on their posts. In no time at all, you’ll get a feel for the pace that meets the needs of your audience.

3. Branding
You’ve invested a lot in your personal reputation and business brand; now, you’ll want to leverage every opportunity to elevate yourself and your message. Make use of the customization tools available within your accounts to keep your brand top-of-mind with your prospects and clients. Twitter and Facebook provide you the ability to add images to personalize your social media presence and present your unique value proposition. You can add your own profile picture, full contact information, a logo or even a photo of your real estate office and deliver a consistent look and feel to each and every post. There’s really no better way to let your viewers know who you are and that you’re open for business!

4. Video
It’s been proven that people are more likely to respond to video content by a factor of three. It’s never been easier to take advantage of this format and post interactive content to fully engage your audience. Many social media platforms have made it very simple to add short video clips or animated images to your postings, including linking to existing content from other sites. For example, if your company or team produces videos on its website, consider linking those within your own posts. Additionally, your smartphone can be used as a mini video studio available anywhere you go. Use your phone to create your very own virtual tours or walk-throughs, and add descriptive information about each of the properties you list to entice buyers to contact you.

5. Trusted Resource
Just as in real life, building long-term relationships with your prospects and customers should be one of your goals with social media. The best way to do that is to follow key referrals and contacts and build your list of constituents for each stage of your buyer’s or seller’s cycle. Do you partner with a local mover, electrician, or plumber? What about bankers or lawyers? Perhaps you know about a newcomers club, daycare facility, or a reasonably-priced dry cleaner in your area that you can recommend to home-buyers moving into their new neighborhood. Make a list of people and service providers in your network, and follow them on their social media accounts so you can make easy referrals with the click of a button. You’ll quickly become an indispensable resource to your clients and their contacts for years to come.

6. Be Timely
Topical and timely posts are a must if you want to keep your audience engaged. One of the best ways to do that is to provide the latest news and trends that appeal directly to your home-buyers or sellers. This means going well beyond the recent property listing or sale and including content they can use throughout the year, such as the latest mortgage interest rates, trends in home prices, or home improvements that have the greatest ROI. Sprinkle in homeowner-related content, like spring cleaning tips or driveway maintenance 101. Sharing groundbreaking industry survey results and infographics can really get your message across quickly and in a memorable and engaging way that will keep your audience coming back for more.

7. Mobile
Social media provides new and innovative ways for you to deliver your unique brand of customer service in a world that demands an immediate response. Fortunately, top social media platforms all have mobile applications that allow you to stay connected with your audience while you’re on the move. By setting alerts and notifications, you’ll be available from anywhere at any time when home-buyers and sellers want to reach out and inquire about your services or local inventory. With the power of social media in the palm of your hand, you can get more done in your day while keeping your prospects and customers fully engaged and satisfied.

8. Be Social
Don’t forget: Social media works best when the engagement is bidirectional. If you want people to respond to you and your content, take proactive and deliberate steps to reach out and like, follow, up-vote, and share the posts of those that are in your sphere. Ask them questions about the vacation pictures or special events they post. Take a genuine interest in the stories they tell. Consider starting and leading an online group about a topic that’s important to the people who share like-minded interests and watch your community grow! Many social media platforms enable you to post your own polls, allowing you to quickly capture valuable insights about the sentiments and preferences of your potential business opportunities.

9. Automation
So much social media, so little time! Are you a power user that needs to manage several accounts? Or maybe you’re just getting started and feel a bit overwhelmed? In either case, you may want to consider automating your social media content delivery. There are a couple of third-party tools that can help you manage your social media account, like Buffer or Hootsuite, which provide scheduling and the ability to post across all of your accounts, but you still need to create the content and the post yourself. If you’re looking for true automation, consider the PAAR Marketing Center, which will connect engaging and innovative content to your social media accounts and publish it on your behalf.

9 Holiday Marketing Hacks for Small Business Owners

*Taken from November 27, 2017 post from Mediaspace Solutions

The holidays are officially upon us, which means many of us officially can’t get Mariah Carey’s “All I want for Christmas” out of our heads. If you have to have a holiday song torture you with repetition, I suppose you could do worse.

Along with buying stuff you’re not really sure your loved ones will like or wear, you may be focusing on how you can take advantage of other’s good cheer and get them to help give your 4th quarter revenue a final boost. Well, go grab a pen and paper and a giant mug of hot cocoa, because I’m about to share 9 marketing hacks small business owners can use this holiday season.

  1. Optimize Your Adwords Campaigns

It doesn’t matter what your product or service is, there’s a way to make your Adwords campaigns more festive this holiday season. To do this, you simply want to switch from targeting shoppers to targeting holiday shoppers.

Optimize your campaigns by using keywords like “gifts for kids” or “holiday decorations.” Once you’ve done this, be sure your ads point to landing pages that offer incentives to shop with you during the holidays. These incentives could be discounts, free shipping or complimentary gift-wrapping.

  1. Have a Social Media Giveaway

To get more eyes on your business this season, consider running a holiday giveaway on your social media channels. People love free stuff all year-long, but they REALLY love it during the holidays. Entice followers with big discounts, free add-ons, or actual free booty (who wouldn’t want a free Keurig machine, free bottle of wine, or a free holiday sweater?!). And don’t forget to ask followers to share, like, and comment on your posts about the free giveaway to encourage even more engagement.

  1. Create a Fun Holiday YouTube Video

Video marketing is something all business owners should be taking advantage of. Did you know that marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than marketers who don’t?  Get your employees together and create a fun holiday video about your business. If you can make prospects smile or laugh, you have a very good chance of getting their feet in the door.

  1. Hop on the Instagram Ads Bandwagon

Instagram is one of the hottest social media channels right now, and many customers and prospects will be on there already posting images of their decorations. This is a great opportunity for you to get in front of them. Don your ugliest holiday sweater, take a stunning photo of your holiday window display, or a sumptuous photo of your freshly-baked ginger muffins… whatever it is, your own holiday pics will draw people in. But be sure to not only post pics to your own account but spend some of your marketing budget on paid ads as well.

  1. Send Seasonal Emails

A great way to connect with customers this season is to get festive in your email campaigns. Just as you did with your seasonal Adwords campaigns, you’ll want to be sure to optimize your subject lines with enticing keywords as well as use incentives to get people to shop with you. And don’t forget to ask your subscribers to forward your holiday emails to friends and family.

  1. Throw a Holiday Party

You shouldn’t always focus on attracting new customers, sometimes you have to deepen the relationships with the customers you already have. And throwing a customer appreciation holiday party is a great way to do this. If your budget won’t allow for a big shindig, then consider inviting only your hottest local leads or clients over for some holiday drinks and appetizers. More than the free eats, your customers will appreciate facetime with you.

  1. Host a Holiday-Themed Twitter Chat

This is a great way to get customers to engage with your brand. Your chat could be about your products or services, allowing customers to ask you questions, or your chat could simply be on holiday trivia (Name the reindeer) to have a little fun.

  1. Set Up a Gift Certificate Display

Holiday shoppers have a lot on their mind and often find it hard to make purchasing decisions. Don’t let those feet go out the door! By setting up a gift certificate display, you make it very easy for shoppers to buy something for everyone on their list.

  1. Get Your Tech On

The easier you make it for shoppers to buy from you, the more sales you’ll get. Consider hiring a developer to create a holiday app for your company that features all of your holiday specials. This makes for quick sales with those shoppers (particularly millennials) on the go.

No matter which of these hacks you try this holiday season, get in the spirit and have some fun! At the end of the day, being of good cheer is contagious and will inspire customers to buy from you.